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Heaven Signals

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Heaven Signals


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‘When I created ‘Heaven Signals,’ I felt somewhat melancholic and deeply contemplative about what’s happening in the world. Most of us don’t realize it, and we’re eager to be optimistic, or we firmly believe we are optimistic, but we’re actually living in challenging times, laden with emotional and spiritual negativity.
I see around me that everyone is for themselves; I observe how many people (even those close to us) are extremely vulnerable, and they think everything is fine. In reality, everything seems to revolve around money and pleasures, with very little focus on genuine introspection: ‘Who are we really?’ and ‘How are we truly?’
I feel and notice that we need a certain form of help from the outside, not from robots or those who govern us, but from Divinity itself. ‘Heaven Signals’ carries a powerful message for me, and I know that it’s only Divinity that inspires me to create, and I feel the duty to share this message! Through this song, I’ve sensed multiple signals from the heavens, and I believe it’s crucial for us to awaken as soon as possible!
Through this written message, I want to reveal something related to what I mentioned above: The voice in ‘Heaven Signals’ is generated by artificial intelligence, of course, based on my notes. I did this to underscore how easily we can be influenced by a powerful emotional message that doesn’t necessarily originate from Goodness! However, I didn’t want to keep this a secret; quite the opposite, I wanted to disclose it as a warning!
I hope my message will contribute at least a little to our genuine awakening and to improving our relationships with one another! ❤’
~Gabriel Balky~

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