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Grow Up

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Grow Up


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‘ ‘Grow up’ is one of the most important adventures of my life that I went through in the 8 months of this year. We humans have periods in our lives that we go through and we have to learn the hardest lessons. This is what I went through from the beginning of 2020. I went through it hardly, but I had the courage, the will and the desire, in the end I felt that I went through it successfully. During this time I was hurt, betrayed, humiliated, lied to, I was deprived of my freedom, but I remained a pure Balky, a Balky who kept his head up! That is why ‘Grow Up’ is the song with the most passages of my emotions: Courage, Strength, Hope, Confidence, Will, are the strongest elements that I felt this year. Also, the ethnic and the tribal elements are the ones that represent me and characterize me the most, for me they mean the nature and the tribe, the most important elements that we humans need!I want my fresh sound to inspire you, to give you a positive energy, feel the music and sway! ‘~ Gabriel Balky ~

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