Love Around Us 3000x3000 FINAL

Love Around Us

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Love Around Us


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All we need is ‘Love Around Us’. When I wrote and produced this track, 2020 unfolded in my heart and mind. It was a tough year for all the people around the world.
For me, 2020 was a very difficult year, a year that made me tired phisically and mentally, a year that made me sad, but in conclusion, I observed myself and that made me realise I’m a fighter, a fighter who wants to overcome any obstacle imposed by life, even the ones of human laws or the obstacle of the loss of the loved ones.. a fighter who always fights on the good side, even sometimes he is wrong.
I wish that from this explosion of negativeness that outflanked us this year, waves of God’s love surround us all.
No matter how hard it could be to raise ourselves, after we’re up, to be able to support ourselves if not with one hand, at least with both! We are love and we should remember that!’
With Love,
~ Gabriel Balky ~