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Game Of Love

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Game Of Love


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‘Most of the time, us humans choose to be in a love affair, without really loving or being loved. Yes! It’s a choice to be loved. To be loved means to love ourselves first of all and even before we can let someone else love us. Most of the time we forget to respect ourselves and believe in the other persons smile. Maybe the other person doesn’t intend to hurt us, but they will certainly do it,
if they don’t love themselves before they declare that they love you. Everything I felt when I wrote the song and this story is due to this experience of letting myself be loved and loving in play. Most of the time, we are fooled by the game of love, believing that it’s one way, that it’s positive, but unfortunately for us, in general, the game of love is a negative one, harmful to our heart and soul. Too many love games only lead to a harmful life!’
~Gabriel Balky~

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