Spiritual Journey

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Spiritual Journey


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‘After the last 4 years of traveling through life, I felt like writing ‘Spiritual Journey’. The Song that best describes what I am, and the union of my Spirit with the creative Force.
As I have illustrated through the artwork of the Song: The two horses, Me with my inner Self holding the Moon in its hooves, The creative force that always illuminates our heart and mind, but also the landscape that symbolizes the Spiritual astral landscape, still upside down, just like our emotions are inside.
All the elements coming out of a single Force… the Divine Force of the Supreme Creator!
I want my song to inspire you with a Spiritual balance, and the creative power of the Moon, to illuminate your heart, but also your mind every day!
Life is perfect exactly as it is’
~ Gabriel Balky ~

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