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Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Fantasy


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‘Fantasy’ is about connection. The connection of emotions that I had when I wrote this track. It’s about dreaming, about the fairytale life we dream of and the goal we want to reach when we love either another person or what we do. ‘Fantasy’ is about harmony and the balance we all need. To be honest, I have not met happiness in imbalance. Maybe that’s why, in general, I think that for many of us love has remained at the level of a fairytale, of ‘Fantasy’!In all these years we learned that we can love, but the most important thing, in order to advance in love, is to like the other. Otherwise, it is a bad decision to ruin our emotions by starting relationships because we are only attracted by the aesthetics of a person.In essence, I like to know that the music I write inspires you and that it fills you with love ❤
~ Gabriel Balky ~

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