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Yin & Yang

Gabriel Balky

Gabriel Balky – Yin & Yang


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‘The concept of Light and Darkness is my source of inspiration for ‘Yin & Yang.’ Even though I’ve illustrated the Woman and the Man on the cover of the song, beneath the surface of this idea lies the Light that often enters the darkness within me when I’m not feeling my best in life.
The concept of Yin and Yang, as it is, with the Man (Light) and the Woman (Darkness), together, are the most powerful elements that provide us with energy! Whether it’s energy when we create something or when we interact with a person, in business or in family.
What would darkness be without light, but what would Light be without darkness? Not many know, but Light is born from darkness, that’s the cycle. Woman represents darkness because she is mysterious and possesses an absolutely miraculous creative power! Only darkness inspires Light, just as only Light gives life to darkness and energizes it!
I wish for you to be aware of these two elements every day in your life and not forget to maintain your place, whether you are a man or a woman, otherwise, you risk losing your power!
Be inspired by my song ‘Yin and Yang’! ❤️’
~ Gabriel Balky ~

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